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Truck & Bus Show Mostar® is a business exhibition, sales, and entertainment project that pays tribute to truck drivers, celebrates hardworking drivers and their trucks, and selects the most beautiful trucks through the “Truck Beauty” competition called Super Truck Equipment Mostar 2023. It also connects truck fleet owners with other stakeholders in the transportation and logistics chain. Diligent owners/transport operators, both domestic and foreign truck drivers, will compete through various daily events and competitions for over €13,000 in prizes. Additionally, twelve drivers will be selected to have their trucks featured in the annual wall calendar of Truck & Bus Show Mostar® for 2024.

Truck & Bus Show Mostar® consists of four parts: exhibition (promotional-sales), professional (conference), competitive (selection of the BEST trucks and drivers), and entertainment (concerts and truck shows).

Truck & Bus Show Mostar® will be a memorable event for the international community of truck carriers! Together with the “Shine of Truck” competition, Truck & Bus Show Mostar® will be the most beautiful thing to happen to truck drivers in Southeast Europe from September 13th to 16th, 2023, in Mostar, on over 11,000 m² of open and closed space. Numerous additional pre-announced events and activities are planned in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the surrounding countries, paying tribute to the 70 years of successful work and existence of Autoprevoz Teretni promet Mostar, as well as the significance that truck drivers have in our daily lives. Competitors, their families, and the wider community will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful and valuable large truck platforms in (Southeast) Europe while simultaneously enjoying the cultural, gastronomic, and other advantages of historic Mostar and Herzegovina during this unique four-day international professional, business, and entertainment event.